Draw Something

Draw Something Free 2.333.314

A Pictionary-like game to play with friends


  • Play with friends
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Simple interface


  • You can write instead of drawing!
  • Limited dictionary

Very good

Draw Something is a two player game where you have to draw words so your opponent can guess them. Similar to Pictionary, it's an extremely simple concept that's really addictive.

Like Words with Friends, Draw Something mixes a simple game with an easy way to connect and play with others. You can play with a random opponent, search for a username you know or connect with Facebook. It's a tried and tested way of playing that works really well.

Once you've begun a game of Draw Something, you take your turn, drawing your choice of three words. Once your opponent has tried to guess, you'll get a notification and can watch a recording of your opponent guessing your word while watching it being drawn. You then get guess your opponent's word as you watch them draw.

Draw Something is compelling and fun, although it lacks the mental satisfaction of Wordfeud etc.

The Draw Something free version is ad supported, but it's not annoying. You will find the word selection is limited unless you buy an expansion pack. In my first three games I played the word Skrillex!

Draw Something is easy to pick up and hard to stop playing - if your friends on Facebook are also playing, it can become quite a timesink!

Expect a lot of behind the scenes improvements for a faster and more bug-free app!


  • Expect a lot of behind the scenes improvements for a faster and more bug-free app!

Draw Something


Draw Something Free 2.333.314

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